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Original EDC Las Vegas 2013 Concept for the now immortal animatronic Owl

Concept to Stage EDC 2013

This is the whiteboard doodle I made when first tinkering with the idea for the Main Stage showpiece at EDC Las Vegas in 2013. You can see the articulating wings that would hide/unveil the DJ, a preliminary pass at how to control the head movement through an upper mounted gimbal and the projection cone for the eye animation (although we eventually went with LCD displays over projectors). His overall size of 25′  varied only a little with a final height of 30 feet. With a suggestion by vendor Ron Griffin  to switch to hydraulics for the wings, we were able to keep them unsupported from the ground and increase the wingspan to almost 80 feet.

It’s amazing to see how much this guy still turns up when searching for EDC on Google.

Thanks to Gary Goddard and Insomniac founder Pascuale Rotella for the chance to work on this great project.